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Inspiring Human Potential
in the age of AI




Carlos Carpizo is the former President of a mid-market privately held corporation as well as executive for two Fortune 500 companies. He is recognized for his leadership and influence. Carlos is a passionate about developing GenZ talent, and is dedicated to shaping the future and fostering positive change as an author and entrepreneur.

Carlos is Mexican by birth, Texan by choice and multicultural by having lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and the US . He is the Co-Founder of  Kosmos,has ample experience with successful transformation efforts and brings deep expertise in organizational development, change management, and coaching to each engagement. He is committed to delivering measurable results. Let Carlos help you empower your team to bring you the fastest return on investment.


In a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence, organizations are seeking ways to harness the unique strengths of human intelligence to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and foster meaningful connections.

Carlos has synthesized the 8 Cs which constitute a simple yet effective way to outsmart AI: Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Character, Consciousness, and Coevolution.

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